What kind of employees for your small business?

What kind of employees for your small business?

I have something that really bothers me lately. What kind of employees do you really want in your small business?

Usually if we are talking about a bigger business, it’s better to have more types, even if you consider them individually they are not the very optimum. I mean yeah, you want the best sales people, but you might just want one that can’t sell well in general, but has the luck or ability to sign just one huge contract a year. Or yes, you want the best programmers in the World, but you might want lighter ones to deal with your site.

Anyway, there are several types of employees you might want to have. I’m listing below the ones that comes first to my mind:

  • the rookie. Good for tasks that are very repetitive or just plain operational
  • the YUPPIE. Usually the best if you have an interesting business with great growth potential. They just want to grow together with you. They leave you the moment they have a better opportunity
  • the seasoned professional. Good experience, but sometimes they might lack fresh new ideas
  • the working mom or career woman. One of the best choices when it comes to pick up a CEO. Yes, you heard me right, if you have something to be done, then you can be sure it’s done.
  • the lucky bastard. They don’t do much, nor are very skilled, but they seem to get it right each time it’s actually important. They might bring you more money, contracts or anything else than the most skillful dedicated sales person
  • the Evangelist. Usually it’s in your company from the very beginning. You can count on him, he will be day in day out at the office and he knows stuff. He will spread only the very best words about the company and good for forming new teams as well.
  • the opportunist. Heading to a better paid job already…
  • the rich boy. He doesn’t really need to work, but still does it. They are not in for the money, so they must do it for fun. So they like it, and do it well
  • moonlight entrepreneur. Works for you by day, has a second business to run at home in the evening. Interesting, usually they think just like you the entrepreneur. If they become successful, they head towards their own business

Which one would you hire?