10 steps to get the right employees if you are a small business 0

Employees are any business’s greatest asset, so it’s important to hire the right people. But how do you attract, recruit and retain the best candidates for your team? It’s simple with a bit of planning. Here are 10 steps to finding the right employees for your small business.

Have a proven record as a good employer

In order to attract high-quality employees, you need to be seen as a high-quality employer. Make sure your reputation is indisputably positive. Do some research to get a sense of what people (both customers and employees) are saying about you. Make sure current and past employees are generating positive associations with your business.

Define the position

The key to any successful hire is a clear job description. If the job description is vague or does not convey everything you seek in an employee, then chances are you will not recruit the right people. If you are extremely specific about the position’s criteria, you are more likely to find someone with those exact skills.

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver

This should be a given for any business. Do not try to attract potential employees with empty promises about raises, promotions, and perks. It is not fair to your employees, and it can truly hurt the reputation of your business.
Be transparent about the job and any limitations
Communicating well with job candidates can really pay off. For example, if there is no possibility of advancement, say it upfront. Potential employees will appreciate the transparency and can make an educated decision regarding the position.

Ask your team for referrals

Who knows your business better than the people who are in the trenches day in and day out? Rely on your team for recommendations. Your employees know what it takes to be successful in your business, so chances are they can identify a great candidate. Trust their judgment in helping find the right new team member.

Ask your customers for referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for referrals. After all, they have the first-hand experience with your business and can likely be a great resource in identifying ideal candidates. Another perk? The gesture shows that you respect your customer’s input, making them feel more involved in your business.

Use local job postings

Use local job postings to find a local candidate. Location is often a key factor in any job search and may be the deciding factor in accepting the position. Best to start off with a pool of people who live nearby.
Bring your current employees into the interview process
Including employees in the interview process helps the candidate get a sense of your business’s culture, team and environment. This makes the process seem friendlier and shows that you value your employee’s opinions.

Ask the right questions and watch body language

How the potential employee responds and acts through the interview process can reveal a lot about them. Be strategic in your questions, and be observant when the candidate answers.

Check references and gauge interest

Don’t miss this important step. Before bringing someone on your team, make sure they are excited about the job and are whom they say they are. Even if you love the candidate, you owe it to yourself to reach out to previous employers and personal references.

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