It’s never too soon to improve your business

It’s never too soon to improve your business


Most entrepreneurs I know would say that their job is actually to solve problems – I’m not talking about the customers problems but their own business problems. Just to be sure we are on the same side of the page, I’m mostly talking about small business entrepreneurs which also happen to be CEOs (not to mention janitors, financial department and so on).

And also, most of the friends I have that work a 9 to 5 job think that their boss, CEO (or worse case scenario, CEO’s wife) is to blame for everything that works bad, and if they would be in their position, they would come up with some God like solutions and will work wonders.

The thing is that as soon as you make the step from 9 to 5 job to entrepreneurship the reality will make your God-like solutions to fade away, and from your new position will have to solve problems which you didn’t think before or solutions aren’t easy to come at all.

Now, I can bet my arm (I will bet my good arm, not the one with Carpal tunnel syndrome) that making compromises is part of the game. After all, you have the responsibility to solve all the problems one way or another.

Making compromises

Now that I got you here, the intro is actually useless for the rest of the article. All I wanted to tell you so far was that you will make compromises – I know, I know, I don’t want to lose your time and I can’t feel 2 fingers from my bad arm. So let’s go quickly to the next point.

The compromise I hate most. You should hate it too

Especially when you are starting up (or now in times of crisis) you will compromise a lot. You will create a new product or service quickly, maybe without plans or maybe communicating with your team on messenger instead of clear emails or documents with targets. You will cut corners here and there. You won’t save your experience for later, nor having conclusions. Anarchy. You will probably get it somehow done (otherwise you wouldn’t be probably reading my blog but job sites) but I would say you’re lucky. And you can be lucky just so many times.

For the rest, you will need to improve your business.

I know most of the times putting things in good order when you worry each day about sales and about making payments to your employees each month seems like the last thing on your mind. But guess what, after the first month, you will get a new one, again a lucky one, when although you made enough sales, it’s all just because of luck. And a third one. Maybe a forth one.

The thing is that if you are lucky enough you will get enough lucky months under your belt. Actually you are not lucky at all!

After the lucky months you will realize that you lost all this time which you could use to improve your business and prepare for the future focusing on the temporary things. Of course without these lucky months you wouldn’t have made it so far, but there is nothing that could improve your business better than hunger.

What improvements I’m talking about?

Anything. Business processes. People. Communication rules. New content on the website. Customer Support improvements. Internal rules. All that you always wanted to do and never had the time to do it. You know, the things that you hate to do and kept on postponing.

Good things will happen. And eventually you won’t need luck to get through the month.