Embrace who you are. Make your own entrepreneurial success.

Embrace who you are. Make your own entrepreneurial success.

Not really sure (yet) what I want to say in this post. But I’ve decided to overcome the writer’s block my way, and that’s by putting down some ideas and contemplating the result. And where it gets us.

Ramblings about accomplished entrepreneurs and how people think about them

I don’t know, it’s very hard to start a business. And this time I not talking about having an innovative idea, fear of starting-up, funding or anything else from the area. Because unfortunately there is something else that makes most damage, I think. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I always say wanna be entrepreneurs or even non entrepreneurs think about accomplished entrepreneurs as people that don’t have to worry about anything, have free time, and thanks God enough money to buy anything they like.

And unfortunately this way of thinking results into a distorted vision about entrepreneurship and what it means, mostly because we only find out about entrepreneurs when they are accomplished enough to make a story. We don’t really hear about entrepreneurs working long nights to make it to the end of the months, and nor about  the silent failures (although we get to hear a lot about visible failures).

Problem is that this distorted way of thinking about entrepreneurs actually gets even further, and I would say it’s one of the major reasons why people don’t start a business.

I’m talking about…

I’m talking now about comparing a potential startup with the established businesses in the field, economic environment, golden eras and so on. Not sure if it makes sense, so, I’ll give you some examples.

  • I can’t start a new hosting company. The golden era of the hosting companies is long gone, and now you can’t make a profit.
  • Yes, but now it’s the great depression. We can’t beat competition by starting now!
  • They did well by doing things this way. We should do the same and we will be as successful as they are.

Each business has its own ADN

Thing is that you are starting from a wrong premise: comparing a startup idea with other companies. And that’s bad, because you are comparing something that isn’t there yet with something that already works (or not) and that’s kind of useless. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make market research before starting a business, because you should, I’m saying that each business has its own ADN. Its own people, its own customers, economic conditions, shareholders, business plans, locations, you name it. There aren’t two businesses alike, exactly in the way there aren’t 2 people alike because it’s impossible to replicate the same conditions.

Embrace who you are. Make your own success.

Thinking that your business will go or fail based on how a company or another did its simply a killer. Of course I’m not saying that if an industry is dying you shouldn’t consider it might be a bad idea to start a business there. I’m just saying you should stop comparing your unborn child. Embrace who you are and what your business could be. Make your own success. Stop trashing ideas because somebody else was or wasn’t successful. Your business can be the way you want it to be, regardless of whatever happen to other businesses.

Now I have to re-read this. I think the end was good, start not so good. Hopefully you will get the picture anyway. You should have faith in your unborned business. It’s always better than doing nothing.