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I’m not sure if this subject have been validated in theory but here is a thought I have on efficient management. I think that if you are able to use less words in your communication, it’s a sign you have an efficient management style. We can think about it on several levels.

Let’s suppose you are in the elevator and you meet an old friend or a potential customer. Are you able to explain what your company does in that short amount of time? I bet that in most cases you are not, because one of the following:

  • You explain features and not pains that are solved
  • You do a lot of things and not sure on which to focus
  • You are not sure what are your strengths

But what if you could have a way to “sell” in 30 seconds? Use less words and say the important?

Now, you have a new task for your…web developer. Chances are that you will use more than 3 phrases to say what needs to be done. That’s usually a sign that:

  • You’re not saying what you should be saying
  • You can’t communicate efficiently, or your web developer is not really up to the task
  • You didn’t make a clear spec, or your are not sure what you need

Let’s say you have a crisis situation and you need to find out what happened. So you call the … web developer to see what’s going on. If the developer needs more than 3 phrases to explain, it should probably mean:

  • He tries to find a way to minimize his fault
  • You are focusing on the wrong things: you are just looking for the guilty one and not for a solution

I think these are just examples. And who likes long meetings? Here, I’ve made my point.

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