What Does It Take to Succeed at Online Arbitrage?

What Does It Take to Succeed at Online Arbitrage?

There are so many ways to make money online. One of the best, and with the highest potential for realizing high returns, might just be online arbitrage.

In this article, we will be discussing what it takes to succeed when setting out on your journey through the world of online arbitrage.

We will be discussing which skills you need, what you will need to know about the relevant aspects of the products you are going to sell, tips around pricing up the products you’re going to sell, and the different tools that will be useful, hopefully doing some of the hard work for you.

Before we get down to business….

What is Online Arbitrage?

Online Arbitrage is the act of buying products online for a low price (mostly from retail stores’ websites), and reselling these products on Amazon or via different marketplaces for a higher price.

What are the principles behind online arbitrage?

It’s simple really, you just need to identify where products are for sale online at a lower price than they’re selling for on Amazon or elsewhere.

As simple as it sounds – and in practice is – there’s a lot of analytical insight and research behind it.

Luckily for you, some tools are available that will act as a valuable asset to help you identify these products and calculate what’s potentially profitable and what’s not.

Must Have Tools for Online Arbitrage

To succeed at online arbitrage, you will need to be able to keep an eye on a number of different pieces of data, including sales history, sales ranks, and pricing.

These insights are helpful to see the true potential of a product before you purchase it. The tools below will be a great help in your online arbitrage adventure:

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage may become your best friend as you travel through the world of online arbitrage. Tactical Arbitrage automates the whole product research process and makes it easier for you. It has features like an online arbitrage module, Amazon Flips module, Reverse Search module, and a Wholesale module.

The best part of Tactical Arbitrage is the simplicity of how it works. You add a filter to your search, profit levels, lookup for any discount or coupon available. It scans more than a thousand sites giving you the products that match your search criteria.


Revseller is a Chrome extension that displays information about products you’re searching on Amazon. It directly shows you the insights on the page. It’s pretty handy for different niches, with a lot of variations around the data you can review and choose to focus on.

Skills You Need to Sharpen Up to Take Your Online Arbitrage to the Next Level

While the above tools and others will do some of the job, you can’t expect them to do everything for you. There are some skills you will need to sharpen to increase the likelihood of achieving high online arbitrage profits.

Research Skills

Research lives at the core of successful online arbitrage. Without conducting the proper product research and gaining the know-how to allow you to see some of the aspects we discussed earlier, you won’t go very far with online arbitrage.

With your research, you’ll be able to answer crucial questions such as What to buy? Where from? And, how much should I pay for it?

If the tools don’t give you the answer, you might need to find some of the answers yourself.

Most importantly, you need to trust the research so that you don’t buy something you think will sell well, despite the data suggesting the opposite.

A Willingness to Learn

While the tools we’ve spoke about will do a lot of the job for you, there’s a lot to learn about online arbitrage and specifically around selling on Amazon and using the Amazon FBA program.

You need to commit yourself to learning as much as you can about this in order to give yourself the best chance of succeeding and potentially changing your life with online arbitrage.

You can search for tutorials, guides, videos, and join Facebook groups where you can learn so many new things about online arbitrage and selling on Amazon using Amazon FBA.


Patience is key. You’re not going to master online arbitrage and make huge profits in the first month. If you don’t be patient and aren’t prepared to take the time to let your online arbitrage business grow, you’ll probably blow a lot of money and decide pretty quickly that online arbitrage isn’t for you.

Don’t give up on online arbitrage after a month! If you do it for six months and decide the outcomes aren’t worth the efforts, then fair enough, but you owe it to yourself to give it some time in order to see if it works.

In Conclusion

Online arbitrage is a great way to start making money online.

Yes, it takes time, and no, it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but if you commit yourself to the time needed to source and sell products, you could find yourself growing a business that in time allows you to make a living, quit your “real job”, and enjoy a range of potential lifestyle benefits.