Interview with young entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee

Cristian: Today I’m welcoming on Jeet, a young entrepreneur from USA. Jeet, how old were you when you started your first business

Jeet: Hey Christian, thanks for featuring me on your segment. I started my first business JB Media Force at the age of 17.

Cristian: What exactly does do?

Jeet: That’s a good question; JB Media Force is a web design, web development, and internet marketing company. We design and develop all kinds of websites and even help market websites on the internet through the social medias or search engines.

Cristian: What was the process of creating as a business? You had previous experience with web design and decided to make a business out of it or you just followed where the money were?

Jeet: Well, I used to be an assistant at my dad’s software development company for a while before I started JB Media Force. It wasn’t that I didn’t like working there, I just hated to be told what to do by someone else. I thought I could do what he did myself so I decided to start my own web design and development company. The process wasn’t as easy as I had expected but I had to start by getting my company’s website up and finding a solid team who could do the designing and developing for me.

Cristian: What is your elevator pitch when presenting the business?

Jeet: If you have a business, you have to be online regardless of what you are selling in today’s day and age. If you aren’t online, let me help you get online with a cost-effective website that I will market for you and generate you revenue.

Cristian: What about the portfolio, who do you have on board so far?

Jeet: I have worked with all kinds of companies, individuals, and organizations. I have worked with a Forbes 500 company and a few other big name companies.

Cristian: Most young web entrepreneurs start as freelancers but you quickly went into having a 15 people team. How hard is to manage a team at your age?

Jeet: Yeah, I knew that if I wanted to make a lot of money….I couldn’t be a one man show. That’s why I looked for others to the designing and developing so I could focus on what I do best, which was the marketing and managing of the business. Managing a team at my age does have its ups and downs; often time’s people older than me find it difficult to work under me. I think that has been one of the biggest challenges I have had to deal with managing a big team at a young age.

Cristian: What was the key to success in your case?

Jeet:  I think the biggest key was my determination to success. I am extremely motivated and determined in whatever I do and I am willing to do anything required to be successful. I just work hard and give it my all and hope for the best.

Cristian: I think you have small business as your customers as well? What is important when it comes to have a site done for a small business? How does a small business entrepreneur know that the investment into a site is worthwhile?

Jeet: Yeah we work with quite a few small businesses. Well, I think the most important thing for small businesses is to get some sort of website up fast so they have some sort of online presence. With so many potential customers finding companies online, it’s a necessity for all businesses to get online. Well, I just try to show small businesses that their competitors are online and they have to do everything possible to keep up with their competition if they want to be successful.

Cristian: And you started a second business quite fast, right? What is it about?

Jeet: The second business was started by a friend & I and its called StatFuse. You can visit the website at It’s a great website that is completely free and allows students to make the transition from high school to college very simply.

Cristian: How exactly does it help students?

Jeet: StatFuse offers an array of tools that students can utilize to help make their transition to college much easier. Our most popular tool is the “Chanculator” which allows students to plug in their high school profiles and calculate their chances to colleges around the nation. We also have other tools like College Recommendations, College Insider, and more that students can use for absolutely FREE!

Cristian: How many users did you have so far? And is a matching engine better that following “what your parents are saying” when it comes to choosing a college?

Jeet: We gained about 12,000 users within the first month of launching without investing a single dollar into marketing. Well, quite often parents want you to go to the best college possible and make you apply to the top colleges. However, students waste tons of money applying to the top colleges because they are sure to get rejected since they lack the strong academic profile. With the help of StatFuse, students & parents can get a realistic look at what schools fit their students profiles the best.

Cristian: Interesting! How did you come up with the idea?

Jeet: My partner & I were just graduating high school and contemplating various colleges that we should attend. While having this discussion, we decided to look up a website where we could calculate our chances to see where we can get in. However, our searches didn’t solve our problem and then we decided to create something ourselves.

 Cristian: Any other plans or ideas for the future? How do you balance work, life and friends?

Jeet: Well, it’s funny you ask because I’m currently on the verge of launching two more startup companies this summer. The first company (Hypetize) is a promotional tool that helps talented musicians and artists get heard while involving the fans like never before. The second company (Vintelli) is an internet marketing website that allows websites of all sizes to rank atop the search engines and social medias.

Cristian: So how does it feel to be an entrepreneur?

Jeet: The feeling of being an entrepreneur is just great! As an entrepreneur, I just look for problems in the world that people face on a daily basis and then try to provide a solution for it. It feels great knowing that I have actually helped solve pproblems that many people face.