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Mark Husmann is a serial entrepreneur that has now started another very interesting project which caught my attention: he has been filming a documentary for the past fourteen months on an entrepreneur (himself) trying to create a successful billion-dollar business during a declining economy. Jason Boritz and producer Jonathan Salemi,  are the filmmakers making the movie on Mark.

Hi Mark, how are you today?

Mark: Busy…still trying to raise money and put deals together.

I had a look at your site yesterday and saw you are making something interesting. A movie about starting a billion $ business with $100: so tell us a little about the movie.

Mark: The movie is a year in the life of a serial entrepreneur (me) and all of the highs and lows I go through in the building of a new company.

Mark, how old are you?

Mark: 47 today 48 in less than a month

And how many businesses have you started so far?

Mark: I call them projects, and it is somewhere around 20

How do you come up with the ideas to start a business?

Mark: Some are accidents …some I see an opportunity and enjoy the challenge of making it happen.

The theme of the movie is the creation of a successful business with just a $100 investment, right? So do you think most people fear about not having enough money to invest?

Mark: To an entrepreneur, not having enough money will only slow them down…not stop them.

What if you fail to build the 100 to a billion business?

Mark: I will enjoy the process and learn along the way.

How did you actually come up with the idea to make a movie?

Mark: One of my manufacturers introduced me to his nephew (Jonathan), and after meeting for half an hour, he asked if he could do a documentary on me and the creation of my business.

I know the movie is not finished yet, but what’s the concept/ message?

Mark: Don’t give up just because everyone says NO. It’s just a starting point. If you believe in what you are doing and you know that it will work…you won’t give up.

So what would be in the movie target? Who should watch it?

Mark: Anyone that wants to start a business and maybe has been stopped in the past from even trying.

From the trailer, I got that you are a highly positive person. Is this a must for an entrepreneur?

Mark: Absolutely… fear of failure is not an option.

How do you deal with bad mornings or simply with bad days for your businesses?

Mark: I try and find one positive thing about the day, and that moves me forward.

What’s the biggest mistake you did in your entrepreneurial path?

Mark: Everything happens for a reason…so I don’t consider any mistakes the biggest. I try and turn “mistakes” into opportunities.


In the trailer, you’re talking about you being a workaholic. Do you need to be a workaholic to be a successful entrepreneur?

Mark: No…just focused and passionate.

How important is family and keeping balance?

Mark: Big…family is your foundation, and I need to keep reminding myself about’s tuff.

I wonder, how you define yourself? A successful businesses man? A serial entrepreneur?

Mark: Serial entrepreneur.

How does the crisis modify the movie perspective?

Mark: The “crisis” has made finding money much more difficult, but I see the down economy as an opportunity to make amazing businesses.

Any advice for people willing to start a new business?

Mark: Do something different…stand out…take chances…leave fear to others.

Is the entrepreneur’s mission to make money out of anything or doing what they like best and transform it into a business?

Mark: To me, it must be something I enjoy. As entrepreneurs, we need to make money so that we can continue to create and help others.

So what’s the status of the movie? When will it be released?

Mark: I think it will be released this year (2009).

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