Interview with HiSmile – a business addressing millennials via Social Marketing

Interview with HiSmile – a business addressing millennials via Social Marketing

Cristian: Hi Nik, Hi Alex and welcome. We are going to talk today on how to make a business work by promoting products to millennials via Social Marketing. That and oral Hygiene products. What is HiSmile?
Nik: HiSmile is an online brand that’s now sold Globally. We sell oral hygiene products online, but the brand HiSmile is much bigger than just the products that we sell.

hismileCristian: How did you come up with the product idea? Was there a need?
Alex: We identified a gap in the market. We wanted to create a product that was Quick, Efficient and delivered Results.  At the same time we wanted to create a brand that was fun.

Cristian: How is your business different from others in the oral hygiene market? And who exactly is in your target?
Nik: We don’t sell product, we sell the brand and the lifestyle associated with it. A lot of companies are just looking to sell, however we’re looking at building a legacy and a strong customer relationship that will last and make HiSmile one of the most recognised brands Globally.

Cristian: Just to put things into perspective, when did you start and where are you now?
Nik: We started HiSmile in November of 2014. We’ve now got over 100000 customers Internationally and a team of 20 here at HiSmile HQ.

Cristian: What are your main markets right now? And how are the products sold? Only online?
Alex: We have decided to be sold exclusively online. We see the trend of customers buying online continuing especially with our target market. Our main markets are Australia, US and UK.

Cristian: How did this happen, is there a secret?
Nik: A lot of hard work mixed with the right intentions. We focus on what we’re doing and don’t compete with anyone but ourselves to take us to the next level as a brand.

Cristian: Most marketing agencies are a bit afraid to target millennials. What is different about millennials from the sales and marketing point of view?
Alex: They do not want to be sold. Build a culture and lifestyle for them to engage with first. Understand them and actually care.

Cristian: When you thought about opening the business, did you have a clear idea about using social media for marketing? Or was it something you discovered along the way?
Nik: We understood that Social Media was where the attention was so it made sense for us to market there. As for using Social Media to market, it was something that we discovered a long way.

Cristian: Does social media work for any product?
Nik: If you’re target market uses the Social Media, then it will work for your product. It’s important to identify your target market first, then decide where you’re going to push your content.

Cristian: You are both young and therefore can relate to your target market. Do you think older entrepreneurs can be successful on this model as well?
Alex: I don’t think it has to do with age. It comes down to attention and constantly understanding it. You don’t have to be apart of that target market to understand them, just be very attentive.

Cristian: Let’s give a little help to other Aussie young wanna be entrepreneurs. How do you actually start a business in Australia?
Alex: 100% passion, whoever isn’t won’t survive

Cristian: How do you go from “Having an idea” to actually do something about it? 99.99% of ideas end by remaining ideas.
Nik: If you’re truly focused and dedicated to the idea, you’ll do anything you can to get it started. The ideas that remain ideas are usually down to a lack of dedication or not enough passion towards the idea.

Cristian: What about funding for young entrepreneurs? Any advices?
Nik: We were self-funded, so my advice would be to work hard and save up. It will give you tougher skin and a better work ethic which will prepare you for the hard, long hours when operating your business. It is easy to get funding these days with so many online crowd funding options, so funding shouldn’t be the reason behind why someone can’t start a business.