Interview with Dr. Letitia Wright – Mentor for the Woman Entrepreneur

Dr. Letitia Wright have been awarded the Business Press Top 100 Women owned Business awards in 1996. Been nominated for a Stevie™ Award in 2004 and was the National Association of Female Executives Entrepreneur of the year. Been nominated for the Reginald Lewis Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce. And that’s just a summary. She accepted to have an interview:

Cristian: Hi Dr. Wright, I’m honored to have you on You host a TV show, co-authored a book on Mentorship for Women, generally being involved with helping Women entrepreneurs. How all this started?

Dr. Wright: I started the show The Wright Place in 2000. It was a hobby, I was having fun. However, when I started to see that people were watching and sponsors were interested in being on the show, I took it seriously and started really find some great information to share.

Cristian: Tell us a few words about Wright Place TV Show.

Dr. Wright: The Wright Place TV Show is a weekly show about Entrepreneurs and how to grow your business. Celebrity entrepreneurs as well as not so well known, share their success secrets and strategies to creating the life they want and the business they want. Each Week, we are seen in Los Angeles on television to 3.8 million homes.

Cristian: Who can be a guest on the show?

Dr. Wright: Anyone who wants to share success information. I want the viewers to walk away with action items

Cristian: You Co-Authored a book called “The Power of Mentorship for Women Entrepreneurs”. What is the most important chapter in the book and who should read it?

Dr. Wright: My chapter is the most important because I tell you how to deal with failure. If you do not know how to handle failure, you will not be able to have a successful or long lasting business. A lot of women never learn those lessons like men do because they are involved in fewer sports at children. It is a very important lesson and a key to success.

Cristian: You meet a lot of women entrepreneurs. What’s the most common question you have?

Dr. Wright: Most want to know how to balance work and home life.

Cristian: You are also the Producer of the Power of Mentorship Movie. What’s this movie about?

Dr. Wright: The Movie is about a mentor taking a young man from failure to success. It teaches the 8 steps you need to go thought to become successful and it stars Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond and Dr DiMartini who were in The Secret.

Cristian: Why is mentorship important to success?

Dr. Wright: It’s really the fast track to success. Without someone to show you, you will wander around and get frustrated. What most successful entrepreneurs never tell you about are the mentors who taught them key things and gave them key contacts to create the success they have today.

Cristian: What’s the best piece of advice you could give a female entrepreneur?

Dr. Wright: Being focused and knowing the overall plan. I know where I want to go and stay on the path until I reach my goals. Strategies can change often, especially if they are not working, however your goals must be clear.

Cristian: How do you know if you are ready to start a business?

Dr. Wright: You are ready to start a business when you understand a revenue model that works for your business. Most people have no real plan to get money flowing. They just think ‘build it and they will come”. It take more than that. You revenue model must work for your business.

Cristian: Let’s say that for a reason you would be unable to find a mentor. What would be the best next thing you would like to do?

Dr. Wright: Read books with the information you are looking for. I am amazed at how many people never bother to read anymore. Also take tele-classes on the phone. I offer a free one at for busy people who need some information fast. They can sign up for the next teleseminar coming up.

Cristian: How do people get the book or get in touch with you, Dr. Wright?

Dr. Wright: My book is avaiable for sale at, they can buy online or contact me personally, I will make sure they get a book at

Cristian: Any thoughts on future plans?

Dr. Wright: I am working on a book for girls called The Wright Place for Girls: Create Your Own Life and talking to co-authors who want to be a part of that book

Cristian: What is the biggest mistake one could do when thinking to start a business?

Dr. Wright: Not having a mentor or at least an accountability partner. You need someone who is going to push you. You need someone to say “Get going and keep moving”. You need someone to tell you when your ideas so not make sense. You need someone who KNOWS about successful business to help you along and make sure you do not get into AntiEntrepreneeurism. Get a mentor, it will save you time, sorrow and frustration.

Thank you for the interview!