Entrepreneur lifestyle – can you handle it?

Entrepreneur lifestyle – can you handle it?

Entrepreneurs – you just met the worse employer you could have – YOU

So you are thinking into getting your own business and have a relaxed work day and a full package of benefits? Hahahh! You just found your worse employer so far – your business. Let me tell you how your life will be. Your working day will increase suddenly from 9 to 17 to 9 – 21 in the best case. Every time leaving the office you will have the feeling that you could do more by just a little more overtime. Vacation? What’s that word? Being happier? Well at least not in the starting years. Every success you will have will ask for more, and while you start to have more, nothing is enough. Relaxation? Not if you need to pay the bills, or even worse if you have some staff hired.

So why people want to become entrepreneurs?

  • It brings more satisfaction
  • Could bring financial security in few years
  • It creates something that could be left to your children
  • Social position and self esteem
  • No boss
  • More chances for success

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

In a random order:

  • Self confidence and determination
  • Long working hours, in long working weeks and long working years – just be prepared to live on coffee.
  • Management, commercial, marketing and technical knowledge
  • People skills
  • Ability to handle stress situations
  • Commitment toward yourself
  • Positive thinking
  • Ability to set and follow goals
  • Mental and physical strengths to keep on going
  • Ability to plan, control and develop your business

Living on coffee – your work will never end

Once you become an entrepreneur your life will change completely. You will soon realize that time is money and you will have a self imposed overtime job, a not so secure working place, very short vacations, and every chance to find troubles each minute.

Living in style – being your own boss

You will be your own boss, in a complete control of your decision, and be positioned higher on the social scale than any 9 to 15 job. Your rewards will come in time and you can leave them to your children. You will have more power and control than ever before. Your skills will become stronger and stronger as your self esteem will do. By the age of 40 (considering that you are in the middle 20’s) you will feel more accomplished and more prepared for the rest of your life: maturity.

It’s very interesting to find out that being an entrepreneur usually means more work, an uncertain future and a big chance. While for the moment being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily make me happier it makes me feel more accomplished. Still, I have lost all my friends somewhere in the process. It must have been my lack of time.

Are you prepared for the entrepreneur life style? Are you prepared to live on coffee?

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