5 Entrepreneurial habits that I’ve learned from my cat 0

You know that feeling when you are about to leave to work and your cat decides to turn on the other side and go back to sleep? If you are an entrepreneurs and you are jealous on your cat’s sleeping behavior and the typical “Je m’en fiche” attitude it might mean you’re not learning what you cat is teaching about entrepreneurship.

And there is more to learn besides sleeping patterns. Let’s do this with videos. Cat videos.

If you don’t succeed as an entrepreneur, you haven’t tried enough

Most people think about successful entrepreneurs as being lucky, or that they had money to invest, or that they had some sort of advantage that nobody else can have. But that’s just one way to justify why others are successful by doing something versus not doing anything and complaining.

The thing is that most probably these successful entrepreneurs have discovered an opportunity to turn an idea into money, but guess what, the single most important asset an entrepreneur has is persistence. There is no other single more important skill than keep trying. And yes, my cat taught me that. Here is an internet cat that might teach you something about persistence.


Don’t miss out on personal health and well being while running your business

Talk with any entrepreneur and it will tell you about the first years struggle. Stress, missing out on food, not time to relax or physical exercise. There is so little time to do what needs to be done to run the business, how can you find 2 hours in a day to eat? How can you find time just to feel great and enjoy life? The thing is that at the end of the day, missing out on feeling good just makes your entrepreneurial performance worse. Not to mention if you get sick. Here is an internet cat that does it better than most entrepreneurs.


Family and social time is important for any entrepreneur

Yes, I know, I’ve heard it time and time again, when you are an entrepreneur, family, friends, going out, having a beer at the pub take second place in your life. Guess who’s loosing. Does it really help your business to lose your family and friends? And your life? These cats are better than you. They have “people skills” too.

You’re going to fail plenty and miserably as an entrepreneur and if you don’t it’s even worse

If you don’t do mistakes as an entrepreneurs, chances are that you are an entrepreneurial genius (0.01%) or you are being too cautious (99.99%) and therefore missing out opportunities. Sure, it hurts when you fail, but being on the safe side is just too time consuming – life is short and you are going to die anyway. So why not trying to the most of it? Of course, cats are better at this as it’s a well known fact that they have 9 life.


You need to sleep

You know the feeling when you need 2 coffees that to get you started? Well, guess what, you are less productive this way. You can’t think straight. So are you really making the best decisions for your business in this state of mind? So take some time to have some good sleep. Things might be more clear in the morning. Cats are the king.



Still being jealous on your trouble free life of your cat?

You should be. Because they are better entrepreneurs than you do.



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