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Cristian: Hi and welcome. Coupon sites, a very fine line between disaster and success. Today we are going to talk about, a huge coupon site from India, which shows that with the right mix, coupon sites are a good business. So Ravi, how did start? share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

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Interview with

Cristian: Hi and welcome. We are going to talk today about financial investments. What is MySipOnline is an online mutual fund portal, which allows the customers to avail expert’s advice and invest in the schemes of all AMCs as per their investment objectives. A customer will not have to maintain separate accounts for investing […]

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Interview with Lokendra from

Cristian: Hi Lokendra and welcome to the interview. We are going to talk today about the online furniture market in India and what Wooden Street mission is. What exactly does Lokendra: 90% of the furniture market in India is still unorganized & stats denote a potential of $20B. Before our launch in May 2015, […]

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Interview with Todd Heyboer from Closet Barcode

Cristian: Hi Todd. Welcome to We are going to talk today about entrepreneurship and what does it take to start a business. But first tell us a bit about Closet Barcode. Todd: Closet Barcode is an online store that sells clothing and handbags for Misses. We offer products that are created and designed by […]

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Interview with Steven Bryan – Health and Safety recruitment

  Cristian:Hi Steven and welcome.The today’s interview will be about HR in UK, and mostly about Health and Safety in the UK. So Steven, what does Bryan & Armstrong do? Steven: Bryan & Armstrong is a specialist Health & Safety recruitment business, supplying Health & Safety professionals on an interim, fixed-term and permanent basis. We […]

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Interview with Aulay Macaulay about SAAS scheduling and management of the workforce

Cristian: Aulay, welcome from the far-far away Australia. Today we are going to share a “by the book” story about getting from the idea to actually building a business and growing it to the point it becomes international. The utmost dream of any entrepreneur wanna-be. We are talking with Aulay Macaulay, the man that came […]

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Face to face with Varoon Rajani, CEO Cloudlytics

Cristian: Dear Mr. Rajani, welcome to The today’s interview it’s going to be a little more technical, but IT can be a nice place for entrepreneurs. You get to create value with nothing than your brain, a computer and access to internet. Let’s start with the beginning, what is Mr. Rajani: Cloudlytics is […]

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Interview with Mr. James May – the man that introduced stevia to the US market

Cristian: It’s funny how we always take things for granted. I once saw at my mother’s home a can of “stevia sugar” that she mentioned it’s the all natural sweetener for diabetics and calorie free and found out it’s easy to get at the supermarket. I remember telling myself that I should get and buy […]

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Kevlar Jeans for bikers!

Not sure how many of you know, but I’m a biker. And you know the saying, there are 2 kinds of bikers: the ones that crashed, and the ones who will crash. Too bad that I’m in the first category already and still recovering. That’s why I’m very happy that I found a way to […]

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Interview with Nasir Shakouri – the payment solutions industry

Cristian: Hi Nasir Shakouri, welcome to entrepreneurship-interviews. Tell us a bit about yourself. Nasir: Hello Cristian, thank you for having me today. Well, my family is originally from Iran, but my parents immigrated to the United States to start a better life for ourselves. They felt that the United States would be a place for […]

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