What does it takes to be a good salesman? 0

Sales is a special profession. While most people would think that anybody could be a salesman, it takes special skills to be a “GOOD” salesman.

1. You should know very well what do you want in life. Most sales guys have a very clear path in life with straight forward goals. And if their goal is to sell a lot, there is nothing that could stop them.

2. You should feel the market. Its useless to have the best sales speech, the best product if you don’t know the market you are in. You could be selling sand in the desert if you know the market well enough.

3. The salesman should know the product by hart. You can’t present a great sales speech if you don’t completely know the product, with its good and bad parts. While most of your audience knows much less than you about the product, you can’t really be convincing if you are not very sure about the product.

4. The product. The salesman should love the products he wants to sell. If you don’t love the products, you can’t probably sell them good enough as you don’t thrust them.

5. Understand the needs the product addresses. Most of the times the product features are not really important. More important is to know the needs the product covers and then identify the needs of the client and the ways the product could solve these needs.

6. You should be able to sell this product to your relatives. Its a very known misconception that you shouldn’t sell to your relatives as they might actually buy because of the relation with you and then be disappointed. As with every other client, you should think about the needs of your relatives, and if the product meets these needs, you should go ahead and convince them to buy it.

7. Listen your client needs and talk less. It’s a very common mistake of today’s sales to have a long speech about the features of the product and not listening the client. When you’re approaching a new client try first to listen him. You might find out some things that could help you to close the deal.

8. Ask for references. Satisfied clients are the best way to promote your sales effort. A word of advice from your client to a potential lead makes 50% from your sales job.

9. If it fails. Sometimes you feel a huge pressure when few deals are failing. But without realizing you actually have gained a lot. You now know what to avoid next time. Each time a sale fails, write a few notes on the reasons. Next time you will know. Keep trying.

10. Find out what competition says. The best way to know if you’re good on sales is to find out from the competition. Does your competition fears you? It might be good for the moment, but they might be actually preparing something to take you down.

11. Be a step ahead. Always look for the latest news in the market. They offer valuable opportunities.

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