The start-up stress

The start-up stress

No matter what kind of business start-up are you involved in, a start-up is a demanding experience, especially if you are into sales or business development. And here I’m talking about real start-ups like in new companies or about corporate start-ups when a new business line is put in place.

It’s a period of learning, trial or error, hope and despair. Each day, you come to the office and look for opportunities to develop the business or make the first sale. First, you have to organize your mind to find out the way the business works. To understand the market. To understand the competition. You need to position your products and prices. And basically you need to make it work from scratch.

But what exactly do you have to do?

You have to adapt to new people and environment

Especially if we are talking about a new company, you need to adapt to your colleagues, bosses and to the work environment. You have to pay attention more than usual to the way you dress, you talk and you do your job. You have to get used to the office space, to the new PC and software, and to find your way into fileservers and other network resources.

You have to learn new products
Starting up usually involves new products, new features and new benefits. You should take your time to understand the products, their market positioning and benefits to the customers.

New business model
Every company has its own business model. Its own way to deal with customers, with competition and a different way to approach sales. Your previous experience in selling similar stuff its useless.

New company rules
Like in any company, in a start-up you will have to adapt to the rules. If its an old company trying a new business line, you simply have to follow the rules. If its a new company, you have to make the rules.

Job insecurity
If its a new company, you have to worry about having enough customers to get money for your monthly pay check. If it’s an old company, you should worry about meeting expectations and standards, there is no real telling if you’ll get that bonus…

Personal financing
Well, if you are at the beginning, your personal investments should be postponed for a while. It’s not a good time to take a loan. Because every start-up might fail. Also, in the beginning your paycheck might be lower than the industry standard.

Understanding the market and the competition
Unless you are coming with one of the kind product (which is quite impossible these days) you will surely have competition. And being a start-up, well, your product wont be as good as the competition, or at least in the beginning. You will discover that you don’t have a history behind, and the customer thrust in your company is usually lower until your prove your commitment to the business.

Closing the first sale

It might take a while to get the first sale. You will get refused, you will get ignored. People won’t answer your e-mails or your phone calls. Your contact person won’t want to let your discuss with his boss.

And overall, you really don’t know if you are going to be successful. It’s the start-up stress.