The High Energy Entrepreneur

The High Energy Entrepreneur

I’m hardly watching TV these days – I use TV only as sleeping pill, but the other day I’ve heard something interesting: “the human energy is the most valuable energy known to man kind”. I have no idea who said that (it was the end of an interview or something) but it’s simply a brilliant piece of wisdom from the entrepreneurship point of view.

Usually we hear that the oil price went up because this resource is more and more difficult to find, recessions due to a weaker dollar, or poverty here and there because the lack of water or other resources. But if you think in terms of accomplishments, getting things done, create value and wealth, then, the “human energy” is the most valuable resource on earth. Because no matter how hard it is, how scarce resources are, the human mind managed to trigger colossal forces for centuries.

Give a country and it’s people all the resources in the World. Give them land, water, sun, and everything else and if they don’t have the right human energy nothing will be accomplished. Looking back in history, who do you remember? Kings that discovered gold? No, I bet you remember the kings that did something extraordinary, like fighting the enemy and rule the World and lead people into battle. And they did that because they were high energy human beings.

I remember one of my ex-bosses staying up all night working for his company. Fighting everybody in the team to get things accomplished. Inspiring everybody else with his dedication and vision. I can now say he is a “high energy entrepreneur” capable of putting things, people and resources in motion to accomplish his goals.

Usually most employees are eating up energy. Then, the entrepreneur has to have enough energy to replenish all the batteries in the company. So, let’s define the high energy entrepreneur:

  • no matter how hard it is, he manages to motivate everybody to make their best today, tomorrow and on Friday evening
  • no matter how many times he has failed, he learns from the mistakes and it’s ready to try again
  • it’s a visionary. Gets passed rough times because he envision the good times to come
  • he eats, sleeps and breath the company.
  • he never takes the easy path if there is another, more profitable one
  • inspires confidence, security and knowledge, even if it still needs to prove things
  • thinks in terms of years and not months
  • even if he drinks a lot of coffee, he is never to tired to make things that he is supposed to do, or to look into new things that might prove valuable

I wonder how many of you had the chance to meet a high energy entrepreneur? And if you met one did you realise that the things that are happening around him (or her), happen not just because there are resources to be burned, but because of his high energy? What wars did you fight for him?

Good. Now I have to take my vitamins – a sure source of “energy” 🙂 And I should watch Matrix again, I remember they were using humans as batteries to power their machines 🙂 – should check on that. And I will take the blue pill. (or not… as nowadays this can be interpreted as an “enlargement procedure” as spam emails say.)