Tatango Opens Door into the Startup Life with Tatango.TV

Internet startup takes connecting with users and investors to new level by broadcasting their every move live 24/7 onto the web.

Seattle, WA – March 3, 2008 – Tatango, the wildly popular SMS marketing service, today announced the launch of Tatango.TV. The company has installed web cams throughout their office; broadcasting live onto the web, in an effort to give an inside look at the day-to-day operations of this young company.
The website will initially broadcast the company’s conference room, marketing bullpen, CEO’s office and reception area which has been converted into a basketball court, with plans to expand web cams to every inch of the office. The website will be accessible to anyone interested in watching the eleven person team, all under the age of 24, work the long, Red Bull charged hours required in a startup.
Live video broadcasting is a growing trend in the US with sites like Justin.TV and Ustream.TV that allow anyone with a web cam to broadcast live real-time video for free.
The concept has become prevalent with Presidential candidates, popular entertainers, technology industry gurus and business executives who are now all jumping on the growing trend. “Investors in this economy are not only looking for a company with a great idea, they also want transparency. We are launching Tatango.TV to allow investors the ability to tune in and watch their investment anytime via the web” said Derek Johnson, CEO and founder of Tatango. “People keep a close eye on their investments, such as their house, children and pets, why not the startup company theyʼve invested in?”
The Tatango.TV website will also include employee biographies, photos and status updates from employee twitter accounts. In addition, the team will be carrying around their Flip portable video camera to capture everything that happens outside of the office.
About Tatango
Tatango, Inc., was founded in 2007 to help connect groups through text and voice
messaging. Available for any mobile phone, Tatango makes mobile group
communication simple, free and efficient. Tatango is funded by the Bellingham Angel
Group, with headquarters just outside of Seattle, WA. For more information, visit