Interview with Wei Yang from EasyAutoSales

Hi Wei, and welcome to Entrepreneur interviews. I will start by asking what the differences between the regular classifieds sites and EasyAutoSales are?

Wei: The major used car classifieds today charge for distribution, which is what newspaper classifieds have done for years and years. Outside of distribution, they don’t provide sellers much else to find or identify potential buyers. Existing used car classifieds also pass very little data back to the car dealers except for filling out forms. In the web 2.0 world, a lot of this usage information is shared to help sellers know what potential buyers want and to let buyers know who the best-sellers are and what the best products out there are.

EasyAutoSales is different in that we allow sellers to market their new or used cars on the web for free, and we help them find potential leads. In addition to free vehicle listings, we are opening up the used cars marketplace to create an interactive environment where car buyers can help each other search for used cars and find the best vehicle for them.

Unlike traditional used cars classifieds, we also integrate our services with web 2.0 services and follow the users where they are the most active. Buying a car online shouldn’t be a chore; it should be an integrated experience, just like doing anything else on the web.

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