Interview with Andres Sehr from Edicy – a new technological venture from Estonia

Not sure if you know, but Skype was born in Estonia and quickly become one of the reference points when talking about innovative technologies that turned into gold in just a couple of years. Estonia is a small country in the Baltic region that’s called the Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea. I was very happy to get in touch with Andres Sehr, head of marketing for Edicy – a new online venture born in Estonia and find out about business innovation and people behind it.

Estonia is Skype’s home and has become the Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea. What’s special in starting a technology company in Estonia?

Andres: Estonians have embraced technology since we’re regained independence.  We skipped a whole generation of technology and went straight to mobile phones, wireless internet and e-voting.  I think this wide acceptance of technology has really made it easier for people to be enthusiastic and interested in tech and therefore there’s a large number of companies that have come from it. Read more

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