Interview with Derek Johnson, Tatango’s Founder and CEO

Derek Johnson is a young entrepreneur that back in 2007 while being a college student saw an opportunity to launch a website to allow members of a group to communicate more easily using their cell phones. Within a few months of launch the site grew to over 400,000 users and over 15 million text messages. It’s a concept that’s now been adopted by various websites and companies, most recently by cellphones provider o2 whose latest line of o2 phones is said to come with a unique web to mobile phone compatibility for a more seamless interaction.

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Hi Derek and Welcome on board! I will get right on with the questions. So tell us a little bit about your business.

Derek: Our business is pretty simple, we have built a website that allows any type of group; athletic team, college organization, family, business etc. the ability to communicate more efficiently with their group members by using their cell phones. Tatango allows a group leader the ability to jump on a computer or their mobile phone and send one message, which then gets routed to all of their member’s mobile phone in the form of a text message. Tatango betters any groups’ communication, allowing their members to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Tatango is great for last minute notifications, weekly alerts, promotional advertising, or any message that needs to be delivered to all group members immediately. Email is the new snail mail and hardly ever gets checked, and phone calls take forever, groups need to communicate in real time, Tatango allows them to do that.

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