Promotional items for your company

Last year in November I wrote an article called: When do the promotional materials really matter? and I’ve realised that the crisis maybe changed something in the meanwhile. Not necessarily because things changed so much since last November, but mostly because as the year started we are on a new budget and marketing get cut first in this times. The main points of the original article were discussing about how a promo material can make it from the trade show to my desk and not getting thrown away and the impact of poor quality promotional materials over the receiver.

I’ve decided that this time I should take a different path: picking up an established promotional products company and see what it has to offer. I’ve picked Empire Promos – a company that “has been a traditional brick and mortar promotional products agency serving major corporations and nonprofit agencies since 1984” and had as customers “major corporations including American Express, Barnes & Noble, Citicorp, Prudential, United Nations, MTV, Oppenheimer Funds, Universal Motown Records, Young & Rubicam and Fleet Bank” –  as you can see from the The Empire Products Story.

As I said in my original article, “It’s not a secret for anyone that most promo materials that are distributed at conferences and such get thrown away before making a real impact where they should make. As most participants at conferences have actually to travel to get there, the major step any promotional material has to overcome is being nice/useful/interesting enough to compensate for the extra weight/space is going to take in the receiver luggage.”

Ok, so as you want to use these promo materials for your customers, head to the Promotional Corporate Gifts – you should pick something useful enough, funny enough that your booth visitors (if we are talking about a trade show) will pick and get to their office.

If you decide to make promo materials, but have a limited budget, then the best way to go less quantity in favour or quality in my opinion. But then again, if you need quantity, Empire Promos has a selection of Promotional products under $1.

So when do the promotional materials really matter? To cut it short, when they qualify your prospect for the right mindset about your brand.