Printing online for start-ups (and not only)

I’m usually keeping only for interviews, but I’ve realized that a good part of my readers are entrepreneurs wanna-bees – people making the first steps in owning a business. If you are just starting up, I can bet that amongst your first spending you will have some stationary, poster printing, brochures, business cards. And I can bet again that (especially with the economic downturn) you will want to save any penny!

I guess you can save some by using a low quality provider, but this is not really the way to go. Mostly because you can save by printing online (both saving some gas and saving on the printing as well). Printing online can be done in a lot of shops, but today I had a look at PsPrint.

You would think that PsPrint, being an online printing shop could be a small basement business, but no, here is what I’ve got from their about page: “PsPrint was founded in 1990 in Oakland as a one-room press shop. By developing a cutting-edge Internet printing company with a focus on delivering quality, affordability, and speed, along with a simplified online ordering system, PsPrint has grown dramatically. In fact, PsPrint now has a combined 50,000 square feet of space and production facilities in both Pennsylvania and California, and employs over 150 people committed to providing customers with a way to print, create and mail faster.”

So, if I were you, I would go ahead and print online. They can also mail your materials to the customers directly, so why not!