Interview with young entrepreneur Patricio Quezada about the Hispanics Learn campaign

Patricio is a young entrepreneur from USA that found a niche – IT learning classes for Hispanics – and made a business from it. He is still 17 and in High school, so how does school work together with running a business? Here is what I found out:

Cristian: Hi Patricio and welcome to Tell us a bit about yourself.

Patricio: My name is Patricio Quezada and I am a Renegade CEO. I am the Founder of Duoz Technologies, which is working the campaign Hispanics Learn. I am 17 years old and my favorite color is green. That’s all you’ll need to know for now.

Cristian:You recently started a business called “Duoz Technologies” and from what I understood it deals with PC learning classes for Hispanic people How did you come up with the idea of starting a business?

Patricio: The idea of starting a business came from the constant want to be my own boss. After changing my niche four times I turned to my skill set which are dealing with computers.

Cristian: And what exactly do people learn from attending the classes?

Patricio: Users learn the basic anatomy of an OS, the location of basic settings, functions, and shortcuts. The also learn the basic usage of Office applications non-business related.

Cristian: Did you make a business plan for it, or just launched the idea to see how it works? How important is planning?

Patricio: For Duoz I just tried it out. With my 1st business Ava Modeling and Talent I created a business plan that took two weeks. I never looked at it after I completed it. I have been told that business plans are outdated and useless. Planning is key. Planning on paper is good but planning mentally is a lot more important. Because your business is an extension of oneself no matter what happens your mindset should never differ or severe.

Cristian: You are still in High School? How old are you?

Patricio: Yes I am still attending high school and I am 17 years old.

Cristian: You told me that books like Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (written by Mike Michalowicz) had an important role in becoming an entrepreneur. But how important is school?

Patricio: School to me is important. Not a big fan of the curriculum and the goals behind today’s education but it’s important. The experiences you can gain are priceless and worth taking advantage of.

Cristian: So do you think Entrepreneurship can be taught in school, or you need to have it in your blood?

Patricio: Neither. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Some are born with it, some learn it, some do not even know they have it. The real question should be how to unlock it.

Cristian: Was your family supportive at the idea of becoming your own boss or they wanted you to have a regular 9 to 5 job?

Patricio: 9-5 job was their choice hands down. They still do not know I am an entrepreneur.

Cristian: How do you market your business? How do people hear about you?

Patricio: Viral Marketing. The use of social networking helps viral marketing because you reach an invisible target market that markets itself.

Cristian: What about the social impact – how important is to know that you can improve peoples life?

Patricio: Importance isn’t the word. The value and knowledge of responsibility you have on people’s lives pushes you to insurmountable value levels. You gain a high level of quality. Your impact on people’s lives is the blood line of your business.

Cristian: What’s the plan for growing the business after finishing school?

Patricio: After high school my business will be growing part time while I attend art school. I plan to have three employees handling daily tasks and logistics. Revenue will increase to 50K.

Cristian: What learning resources would you recommend teens that want to start a business?

Patricio: I would recommend you being reading. Read everything. Read books on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial methods, modern methods, success stories, fictional stories, handbooks and/or whatever you can wrap your mind around. I am also going to recommend getting on LinkedIn and Twitter. Also a key trait that you should always have in mind: observation. Observe everything! It will benefit you later.

Cristian: How do you deal with the legal aspects of the business? Do you have consultants for doing legal paperwork, paying taxes and such?

Patricio: As of right now, my excellent business coach handles all legal activities. I would love to one-day find a hot young attorney that will handle my legal issues.

Cristian: What are the main advantages of a young entrepreneur as opposite of entrepreneurs that already have a 9 to 5 job?

Patricio: There are many benefits but this is one of those questions where it depends on your outlook on life. The ultimate benefit is control. We go through years of education for the hope to control your future, your job, your salary, your rules. The only person who does that are entrepreneurs.

Cristian: How do you deal with customers that don’t expect dealing with a young entrepreneur?

Patricio: I simply say No. If a customer doesn’t meet my values they will be put aside. I show them that teen entrepreneurs are aware of the classic business ethics and then we also show them the new modern way to apply those ethics.

Cristian: How do your school colleagues feel about you running a business?

Patricio: My schoolmates think it’s a cool idea. People do not really pay much attention to it unless your making a million dollars. But they are mostly supportive.