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Hi Rikant, and welcome. Today we are talking about the tourism industry in India and about your business From Europe, India seems so far away, and although it sounds like an “exotic destination” where you can get in touch with a different culture, clean up your soul and learn about the life, not many people know about tourism in India. Tell us a few words.

Rikant: You are absolutely correct. India is a destination that allures travelers with an unusual appeal. It is a land of multiplicity that enjoys variation in every aspect. Renowned for its rich traditions, diversity in landscapes, and high etiquettes, India is supposed to be the pioneer of human culture in the world. Its unique culture is influenced by several religions but yet one of the oldest in the world.

It is true that many people don’t know much about tourism in India. However, our company is constantly working towards promoting Indian tourism on the global map. This can allow international tourists to experience a special aspects of Indian culture, which is influencbyith rich history and enhanced with beautiful customs & rituals and traditional ceremonies.

rikant_pitti What are the places a European should visit? And how much vacation time do you need to get to understand a bit about India?

Rikant: There is nothing about India to be left unexplored. Each of its destinations is simply outstanding. But if asking about a few must-visit places in India, I would recommend Europeans to visit Agra (the city of Taj Mahal), Rajasthan (Land of Royal Kings), and Kerala (God’s Own Country). Agra is the heritage city of India where you can visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including one of the eighth wonders of the world. Kerala is renowned for its auspicious & pleasing atmosphere, whereas Rajasthan features some of the most stunning forts and palaces to visit. To take the real feel of India, minimum of 15 days are required. In this period, you can explore the minimal of India.

I’ve heard that Indians are amongst the happiest people, although the standards of life can not be compared to Europe and the USA. Can a trip to India be the path to find happiness?

Rikant: A big ‘YES’ for it. Visit India once; you would find the answer to your question. India definitely lacks in terms of lifestyle and standards of living, but it offers something that money can’t buy. It is a land of enthusiastic people who are skilled to discover happiness amidst the miseries of Life. The vibrant culture, richness of natural resources, and majestic forts & palaces bring a different feeling in tourists during their visit to India. The warm and traditional hospitality offered by the Indians will open the doors of some cherished moments, and you will be endowed with everlasting happiness.

I bet that the tourism industry looks a bit different when you actually live in India from what we picture from here. So what does do?

Rikant: The tourism industry is meant for serving the tourists and converting their dream holidays into reality. There is not much difference in its portrayal for both (Indians and foreigners). Selling a tour package of India to an Indian tourist is easier than persuading a foreigner for it. We have to make them understand several aspects of India by assuring the fact that they will get value for each penny spent. Being a reliable travel company in India, endeavors to provide the most valued travel products & services. As a young and enthusiastic team, we work for the total satisfaction of our clients, whether Indian or foreigners.

Where do most Indians go for Holidays?

Rikant: Indians are basically calm by nature and love to travel to a destination where they can survive with the weather, get Indian food to eat, and less adventure is involved. They have a different definition of having fun and spending holidays. Some popular destinations that Indians love to visit in India are Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala, Kashmir, and Himachal. The high-selling international destinations among Indian tourists are Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Mauritius, and Bali. They also visit some pilgrimage centers during a vacation in order to obtain serenity and peace.

What are the most interesting Holiday packages you are selling?
Rikant: We are a fast-growing travel agent in India and our main USP is to offer our clients unique travel packages at reasonable rates. With constant analysis of the market, we have reached the conclusion that each client is unique, and none of them have the same needs and tastes. This is the reason; we walk that extra mile through customizing the best suitable tour packages for them. Yet some of the interesting Holiday packages are Golden Triangle Tour, Luxury Train Tour, and Tour to Adorable Kashmir and Rajasthan with Goa Beach Tour. More details of interesting holiday packages can be seen at Tripmos. It gives interesting information related to custom-made affordable Holiday packages of India.

Are you targeting a specific demographic? Who are your customers?
Rikant: We are targeting travel enthusiasts, wildlife explorers, adventure freaks, and serenity seekers. As far as our demographic specification is concerned, we target the middle class and upper-middle class. India has seen tremendous growth in the middle class in the last two decades. This class is not ready to compromise with luxuries during their holidays & business visits too. Everywhere luxury is the catchphrase that drives the tourism industry of India. Modern travelers are our customers who seek value-for-money options without any compromise.

What makes special?

Rikant: I would say that this specialty should be judged by our clients, our travel agents, and most importantly, our skilled & passionate team. They will tell you the best. But I would like to add that our tagline ‘Cheaper than Cheapest’ and our constant dedication to making it significant makes so special.

When it comes to flying, what is your best advice? (I noticed you also do flight booking)
Rikant: We are mainly in flight booking. There are some tips that one should follow before and during flying.

  • Compare airfares on several portals.
  • Book flight tickets in advance
  • Explore some last-minute deals
  • Avoid booking in peak seasons.
  • Explore the services & amenities of the airline you will be traveling to.
  • Choose your baggage wisely for carrying luggage.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions of the flight attendant.
  • Pack all essentials like toiletries, medicines, electronics, and other valuable things in your carry-on luggage

For foreigners, are you also helping with the customs formalities?
Rikant: No, we have no links or connections regarding the same. Yet, we take proper care of our guests and try to assist them at every end.

What are the things to know for a foreigner when visiting India?
Rikant: India is a beautiful tourist destination, but there are certain things that one needs to know before visiting it.

  • Wear modest clothes
  • Carry Water Bottle always as most of its parts are hot.
  • Beware of touts and scams.
  • Always buy things from government-recognized shops.
  • Hire Cars or Taxi from registered prepaid booths
  • Avoid taking help from strangers unless it is not necessary.

And because I’m a biker, any advice for people wanting to ride a motorcycle throughout India?

Rikant: India is a country of area 3,287,263 km², and travelling this much distance through bike is not a good idea at all. Therefore, for bikers like you, India has several destinations that can be enjoyed through motorcycles. Leh- Ladakh is those destinations where you get lots of opportunities for riding a motorbike. In Goa also, sightseeing is enjoyed through two-wheelers.

I saw on your “About Us” page that you co-founded the company in 2008. How did the business evolve since then? What did you learn as an entrepreneur?

Rikant: This Company is the brainchild of my elder brother Nishant Pitti, CEO of Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd. ( that reached to this point with our coordination, ideation & management. Initially running as running Duke Travel Agency, the agency was rebranded as Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd to provide unique travel solutions and competitive air-tickets pricing to the clients. It started with a very small team of 4 members and currently has a qualified team of 400 well-trained staff and an efficient network of 30000 travel agents across India.

  • At the end of operation financial year in March 2009, it exceeded sales of 33 Crores (5,487,900.00 USD).
  • During the 2nd Year of operation financial year ending March 2010, it witnessed sales of more than 104 Crores (17,295,200 USD)
  • During the 3rd Year of operation financial year ending March 2011, the company has beaten a track record of INR 219 Crores (36,419,700 USD).
  • During the 4th Year of operation financial year ending March 2012, the company exceeded the sales of INR 364 Crores (60,533,200 USD).
  • In the 5th Year of operation financial year ending March 2013, the company has beaten all its records with sales of 680 Crores (113,084,000 USD).

As a young entrepreneur of India, I have acquired enough information about every vertical of the travel industry. In more than 6 years of my experience, I have learnt that after integration with e-commerce, an industry can reach the pinnacle of success. One more important thing that every industrialist should remember is their clients’ satisfaction, and skilled resources play a vital role in the development of a company.

How did it all start? Did you have previous experience? It was just an idea? How did you realize you could do business in tourism?
Rikant: Being born in a business family, I inherited the basic business skills in me. I am a B. Tech from Kurukshetra University. During my graduation, I was working on the technical developments of Duke Travel Agency. I worked for a long time for this agency that was rebranded as Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd. I always wanted an own business to utilize my entrepreneurial skills. I knew the fact that the travel industry needs lots of research as it always integrates above-average citizens and corporate denizens of a region. However, it was a challenge to establish a travel company. The idea was not only targeting the upper class and upper-middle class but also allowing a person with an average income to fly beyond the clouds.

India is also known as an IT outsource heaven. What would be your advice for business trips in the IT area? Are there any fairs or tradeshows one should attend?

Rikant: Yes, you are right. India is an IT hub, and it invites IT experts from every corner of the world. Modern business is totally based on IT and e-commerce. In India, one can attend several trade shows or exhibitions based on IT. Some popular trade shows are INTEROP, Fastener Fair India, and Embedded Systems Conference Expo, India Exhibition, TechIndia, and IT India Fair. These trade shows can be attended during business trips in India.

If you need to define your company in just a few words, what would these words be?
Rikant: Nurtured from innovative ideas of us, Pitti brothers, is a leading online travel company in India. It has empowered travelers with an instant travel booking engine and provides them wide-ranging options for flights, hotels, and tour packages.

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