Hordes of young entrepreneurs emerge during the crisis

Andrew Banks from NEWS.com.au contacted me last week with an extraordinary story which I found to be eloquent to what I have experienced myself lately doing interviews with entrepreneurs on www.Entrepreneurship-interviews.com. More and more young entrepreneurs start a business while still at school, finding innovative business ideas and taking the plunge in times where seasoned entrepreneurs are holding back.

From the NEWS.com.au site:

“MIKE Jarocki is 19. Last month, he made $25,000 from the business he started less than a year ago. Alana Maybus started an online gift store when she was 10 “just for something to do”. She now has customers across Australia. And 16-year-old Mathew Carpenter might be studying for the HSC, but that hasn’t stopped him from starting his own consumer electronics business.
They are among a driven group of young Australians setting up their own businesses before they hit the big 2-0.”

Crisis or no crisis, young entrepreneurs find their way to deal with tough business environments and are the best candidates for creating the tomorrows big empires and fortunes. If they manage to be successful now, there is a big chance that they will follow a path of explosive development as things will get better.

Here is the story: “Young entrepreneurs tell Australians to toughen up on the global financial crisis

I think what also becomes evident from the interviews here on entrepeneur-interviews.com is that young entrepreneurs have a set of advantages:

  • they are fearless. As opposite of more experienced entrepreneurs they take the current situation as being the “de facto” environment for doing business and don’t just wait for things to become “better”
  • they’ve got family support. As opposite of older entrepreneurs that have to be themselves a pillar for their families, young entrepreneurs get plenty of support from family, school, coaches.
  • they don’t have a history of failure or debts. They start fresh and the crisis makes them pay more attention to the business environment that helps them develop more efficient business models.

NEWS.com.au also did a video with these young entrepreneurs. Things are more real than just a simple story.