Having a business is like doing a tattoo

Having a business is like doing a tattoo

Most peoples have ideas about starting a business but most people never start a business. Why? Because starting and having a business is like doing a tattoo.

Probably somewhere near where you live you can get a tattoo done.  It’s just like a business, probably you can find an idea and start a business. Finding a place to do a tattoo it’s easy. Getting the tattoo done it’s another story.

You might be a little scared. About both the tattoo and the business. You don’t really know how this will turn out. Most people with tattoo that you know are badasses – people just seem to be tough and you are not.

Getting a tattoo and starting a business might be painful. Blood and tears might be involved. It’s a needle actually penetrating your skin. Feels like starting a business, sleepless nights, worries and things to solve each day. Putting yourself second.

You might get warned by people not to do a tattoo. Just like about starting a business. It’s safer to get a regular 9 to 5 job.

Getting a tattoo might not be for everyone. Simply, some do not think about tattoos or they think tattoos are not right for them. Just like a business.

Some people also think that getting a tattoo done is not healthy or has some health issues. Same, some people are afraid not to lose their savings, their lifestyle.

Tattoos are permanent. So you should think very well what the tattoo is about and most importantly how it’s done. Same about starting a business, you will be permanently marked by it, either if it goes well, either if it goes bad.

To get more clues you can actually watch a video about surviving your first tattoo and replace the word tattoo with business. It’t almost entirely describing having a business:

Would you tattoo your business name on your skin the same day you start the business?