Entrepreneurship: too much to know, feel and do 0

I think that an entrepreneur is a person that primarily receives more inputs, signals and feedback from the environment than a regular person. I remember that before going to this entrepreneurship path, I was spending most of the time used for traveling to work and back by listening to the music or simply day dreaming. This is not really efficient if you spent a little more than 1 hour in the car day by day.

Being an entrepreneur has changed this aspect as well. The 35 minutes spent when going at work are the best moment in the day to plan the day tasks and activities.

A new store on the street? Your brain starts ticking – maybe a new business idea, maybe a new potential customer. I feel thing differently.
People are not just people, they are customers, suppliers and competition. To what business? To whatever I would like to do now, or in future.
Cars are not just cars. Some are advertising company names. Expensive cars? Probably they are doing good. New cars? Probably they renewed they car fleet – somebody got some good sales this month.

Crowded streets? Probably business is thriving in that area, rent is more expensive, new fast foods should appear shortly.

Too much to know, feel and do for a 35 minutes ride to work. That’s entrepreneurship!

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