Entrepreneurship is like a boomerang: you can’t get rid of it

Entrepreneurship is like a boomerang: you can’t get rid of it

We have a joke here. “Why Australians never change their boomerang? Because they can’t throw of the old one as it gets back to them”. God knows why we have this joke as we are on the other side of the Earth from Australia.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a business you can always start a new one. But what you can’t get rid of is the entrepreneur-ism. I’ve once said in one of my articles that entrepreneurship is an opportunity enhancement, it doesn’t directly put money into your hands, but it facilitates it. While doing interviews with entrepreneurs on my other blog entrepreneurship-interviews.com I discovered an amazing truth about how entrepreneurship goes in terms of success and failure. If you ask most of the today’s successful entrepreneurs you will soon find out that they went through a series of business flip-ups, failures and missed opportunities before reaching gold. But they got entrepreneurship in their blood, and they couldn’t get rid of it.

Being an opportunity enhancement, even if you fail from time to time, I don’t think you can stop thinking that maybe the next thing will be the next great thing. Still, having previous entrepreneurship experience doesn’t make starting up a new business easier. It actually makes it harder. Not only that you know what went wrong with the previous one, but this time you also have something else to loose that can make you more cautious: money and pride. And if you had a great idea once, it’s really so hard getting a new one that is as good as the last one.

That’s probably one of the differences between a (small) business owner and an entrepreneur. Not all people are looking to develop their business, expand, or start a new one – they run a business that keep them happy and look no further. Entrepreneurs are different. They have the bug, and it’s like a boomerang. They can’t get rid of it, no matter how much they fail or succeed.