Entrepreneurial stress

Entrepreneurial stress

For some reason, people believe that entrepreneurs are the happiest persons in the World. That happens mostly because people get to know about entrepreneurs only when they got to the “spending time golfing while burning money in my Porsche” period. I mean, entrepreneurs are not famous while spending nights working for their businesses and for an unsure outcome.

Actually entrepreneurs have to endure large amounts of stress starting with the moment they think they might start a business and until the exit point. Entrepreneurship stress comes from many sources, so let’s make a list:

  • Signing contracts with the customers. Is my offer good enough? Will the client pick my solution?
  • Contract completion. Can we finish the job on time? Quality is good enough? Will the customer be happy with the results?
  • Getting paid. The customer has delayed payment. Will he send the money or do I have to fight him in the court?
  • Competition. Damn, they just took my most important customer. What are they up to? How can they go on the market with this price?
  • Legal. The new law makes things much more complicated. Will I find a way to run my business in the new conditions?
  • I hate this employee. But its the best one I’ve got for this job, I have to live with it.
  • Need some financing. Will the bank approve my loan? If not, I will never be able to pull it on my own
  • Working late. Honey, I need to stay late at the office to finish the offer for tomorrow. Yes, I know, honey, I’m never home. I promise that’s the last time
  • Money. Not enough money in the bank. But I need money to pay my employees at least. Forget my salary

It’s incredible how much stress is involved in Entrepreneurship. And I can’t play smart and say I have a solution for it. Because you just can’t take that vacation that you say you will sometime, somewhere take.