Entrepreneur Interviews list

Little did I know back in 2007 when I’ve started the Entrepreneurship-interviews.com blog (back then was named Entrepreneur Interviews, but that’s another story). With each interview I learn that some people are just made for that, finding business opportunities, get to work and grow a business. To understand how interesting this journey has been so far, I think the youngest entrepreneur I interviewed was 16 and I’m not even talking yet about my perpetual amazement seeing that even the most un-likely businesses have the chance to become successful in the hands of the right entrepreneur. As Bob Parsons (GoDaddy’s Founder and CEO) says: “Almost nothing works the first time it’s attempted.  Just because what you’re doing does not seem to be working, doesn’t mean it won’t work.  It just means that it might not work the way you’re doing it.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, and you wouldn’t have an opportunity.”

Small Business Entrepreneurs Interviews

  1. Interview with Small Business Entrepreneur Becky McCray
  2. Interview with UK entrepreneur Darren Nicholls – 2007/07/03
  3. Interview with Dean Hua from Sachi Studio – 2007/07/12
  4. Interview with Simon Carter from DataMystic2007/07/24
  5. Interview with entrepreneur Jared Reitzin from mobileStorm, a Web-based marketing company – 2007/08/09
  6. Interview with a successful Momrepreneur Jamie Lentzner2007/09/20
  7. Interview with serial entrepreneurs Adam and Matthew Toren – 2007/10/13
  8. Interview with a shark guy: Patric Douglas2008/01/03
  9. Interview with Ellen Craw from Ilium Software2008/01/10
  10. Interview with Wei Yang from EasyAutoSales2008/05/09
  11. Interview with Scott Law from Zotec Partners2008/08/06
  12. Interview with French Entrepreneur Mathieu Maréchal – 2008/09/16
  13. Interview with Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – 2008/09/30
  14. Interview with Dale Cook from 11SquareFeet – 2008/10/28
  15. Interview with Faith Simpson from Bags of Change – 2008/11/11
  16. Interview with Ami Kassar about “Pitch George” competition – 2008/11/19
  17. Interview with Suneet Bhatt, ideablob.com winner – 2008/12/20
  18. Interview with Ideablob winner, Tom Krieglstein – 2009/01/15
  19. Interview with Justin McGill from Novel Concept Studio2009/03/15
  20. Interview with Mark Husmann about a documentary on entrepreneurship2009/03/17
  21. Interview with Don Daszkowski, About.com guide to Franchises2009/05/01
  22. Interview with entrepreneur Andrew Markou from Dynamis2009/06/29
  23. Interview with Leslie Linevsky from Catalogs.com2009/08/29
  24. Interview with Argentinian microISV entrepreneur Germán S. Arduino – 2010/01/02
  25. Interview with UK entrepreneur Trevor Ginn – 2010/02/22
  26. Interview with Andy Otteman about being downsized and becoming an entrepreneur – 2010/03/10
  27. Interview with green packaging entrepreneur Dennis Salazar – 2010/03/23
  28. Interview with Weldon Long, autor of The Upside of Fear: How One Man Broke the Cycle of Prison, Poverty and Addiction – 2010/04/20
  29. Interview with Steve Welch, author of We Are All Born Entrepreneurs book – 2010/04/10
  30. Interview with Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards – 2010/05/25
  31. Interview with th e author of the book Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur: Big Ideas on Success for the Small Business Owner – 2010/08/05
  32. Interview with SunBug Solar – practical solar energy solutions in Massachusetts – 2010/08/11
  33. Interview with Phil Murphy, CEO of Storage by the Box – 2010/10/16
  34. Interview with the developer of premium branded voices for GPS 2010/11/23
  35. Interview with Aaron Leischke, the entrepreneur who saved money working in the restaurant industry to start his own business – 2010/12/04
  36. Interview with Taylor Mingos, founder and CEO of Shoeboxed.com – 2010/12/10
  37. Interview with Matt Barrie, frelancer.com CEO – 2011/02/18
  38. Interview with Leslee Wilson from Nana & Co – 2011/02/19

Young Entrepreneurs Interviews

  1. Interview with Derek Johnson, Tatango’s Founder and CEO2008/07/18
  2. Interview with Andres Sehr from Edicy – a new technological venture from Estonia – 2008/09/11
  3. Interview with First Global Xpress – an innovative shipping company2008/11/11
  4. Interview with young entrepreneur Lior Levin from veedda.com2009/02/07
  5. Interview with young entrepreneur Patricio Quezada about the Hispanics Learn campaign – 2009/02/10
  6. Interview with young entrepreneur Matthew Turcotte (16) – 2009/02/14
  7. Interview with young entrepreneur Amit Avner2009/03/19
  8. Interview with young entrepreneur Ohad Rosen (24) 2009/04/01
  9. Interview with young entrepreneur Benjamin Lang (15)2009/04/21
  10. Interview with young entrepreneur Artia Moghbel (22) – 2009/08/13
  11. Interview with young entrepreneur Justin Beck2009/10/17
  12. Interview with young entrepreneur Andrea D’Intino from Tabbles2009/11/05
  13. Interview with young entrepreneur Anthony G Adams2009/11/25
  14. 24 year old entrepreneur Peter Zaborszky turns to profit when the credit crunch was in full swing – 2010/02/22
  15. Interview with young entrepreneur Charlie Walker from Vivid Resourcing – 2010/04/25
  16. Interview with young entrepreneur Seth Hill from Lose your List – 2010/04/29
  17. Interview with Ryan Meinzer, Founder & CEO PlaySay.com – 2010/05/04
  18. Interview with young entrepreneur Raymond Lei, UC Berkeley student – 2010/07/22
  19. Interview with young entrepreneur Jeremy Parker from Voteforart.com – 201/07/26
  20. Interview with www.bloginity.com founder – 2010/08/08
  21. Interview with the entrepreneur who created the CrystalDock for iPhone – 2010/11/08
  22. Interview with WordPress plug-ins entrepreneur – 2010/11/10
  23. Interview with young entrepreneur Tim Fouracre from Clear Books – 2011/01/13