Document Scanning, Document Storing, Records Storage

Probably being from Eastern Europe I really had no clue that you can make a good and valuable business from Document Scanning, Document Storing, Records Storage. However, in US, companies need to meet corporate governance laws like Sarbanes-Oxley and to follow strict rules about the documents management.

I’ve realized this when finding out about Record Nations, an US company that deals with information management. Let’s see their main services:

Document Scanning

Document scanning is a service where you can transfer your documents from paper records to electronic format. Not sure about you, but having the documents accessible from anywhere in an electronic format could be interesting especially if you have multiple offices, telecommuting and so on.

Document Storing

Document Storing is especially good for companies dealing with big amounts of documentation. I know from my own experience that is better to keep everything than missing important documentation. But in the same time, this will use up a lot of office space, and we all know that office space doesn’t come cheap.

Records Storage

Records Storage is about defining what records you should keep and their retention period. While your business is growing, you will get more and more paperwork to do and to save: contracts, invoices, labor agreements, everything.

Recordnations talks regarding records storage in terms of what would happen if you fail to present the required documentation in court or to any other enforcement agency as requested by the law. I never thought about paperwork this way!