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Is there a perfect moment to become entrepreneur?

I bet there are enough examples out there to prove that there isn’t a special period in life to become entrepreneur. However after analyzing the life of my relatives and myself I came to the conclusion that there might be some real life implications when deciding to take your life in your hands and become a self sustained entity. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, there are huge implications to consider when becoming an entrepreneurship in terms of time resources, social life and the self esteem. In that case what would be a good moment to become entrepreneur? I would say late 20’s. Lets put it this way:

Entrepreneurship until you are 20 years old

The globalization and availability of modern communications methods made entrepreneurship possible for teens. Lets just think to the new bread of webmasters and web hosts that are run by teens. You might not realize but the server you are using for your business might be managed by a 13 years child. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the service is ok, and the child is happy. But can we name him an entrepreneur? My guess is no. My advice for the teens working out there and taking the entrepreneurship path is to try to get most of their childhood as they will never get back these years. Further more think about how would they react facing a real world problem. Isn’t that scary?

Entrepreneurship between 30 and 50 years
You might say that this is the best moment to take your life in your hands. It might be. You are experienced enough, you have probably saved some money to ensure the early entrepreneurship funding and you know people who might bring you some nice business. You have ideas. You saw things been done before, you probably know some folks who made it and they have a happy life now. You have the knowledge and the skills to make your dreams come true. Is this the best moment to be entrepreneur? In my opinion no. Don’t you have any kids to raise? But yes, it’s not to late, its just in time.

Entrepreneurship after 50 years
I saw this done and even in a very successful way. But how many of your parents (supposing you are my age) are ready to leave their normal life and get to entrepreneurship?

OK, maybe you noticed that I’ve “missed” the middle 20’s. Because this is the best time to get it done in my opinion. Why?

  • You probably have already worked in a corporative environment and you have accumulated enough business knowledge
  • You are still young enough to lose some nights and accumulate stress
  • You can probably still rely on the support of your parents or your family if things get nasty
  • You have enough energy to get it done over and over again if it fails in the beginning
  • You don’t know “everything”. Not knowing everything might be a good thing some times as it will get you creating things
  • It’s the best moment to make mistakes and learn from them. Imagine yourself in the middle 50’s – do you think the market and clients would allow the same mistakes?

What’s my advice? Become an entrepreneur if this is what you think you should be and you have what it takes. For sure your path will be full of hard working hours, impossible to manage situations and success. Its never to late or to soon to give an entire new meaning to your life by become an entrepreneur, but if you are in the middle 20’s what are you waiting for?

Make something for yourself
Consider entrepreneurship as the only way to discover your full potential, make something for yourself and have something to leave after you pass away. Its not easy, but have you thought on what you could develop? Did you have any dreams lately? Why not to give them a try?

Get it done – there are no limits out there
Being an entrepreneur is probably one of the things that have no limits. You could be anything you want in the way you want. You could be the next Bill Gates. Or maybe you just want unlimited beer in your fridge? It’s after you to set your limits.

Are you under 20’s? Think about what could you become until the 30’s. Ask your parents for guidance and help. They are the best business consultants you might have. And they are cheap to use and came in a pair of 2 🙂
Are you in the middle 20’s? Don’t leave your chances for later.
Maybe you are in the middle 30’s or 40’s. No problem, consult your family and ask for their support and thrust. It would help you a lot getting things done in the way you know best.

After 50’s? You have the best experience in town. Why not to “sell” it and assure your happily retirement?

Have enough faith in yourself. This is all you need to become an entrepreneur. And don’t forget about luck.

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