Interview with serial entrepreneurs Adam and Matthew Toren

Not sure if you know, but behind there is a company Energybyte and a spin off called inprogress. I’ve started Energybyte back in 2005, with 2 great partners: Simona and Tina – they are sisters. Starting a company “in the familly” brings it’s own set of challenges in respect of sharing tasks, authority and decisions.

So when I spoke to Adam Toren about him and his brother Matthew and their entrepreneurship story I couldn’t wait to have their interview and success story on board! Adam and Matthew are real serial entrepreneurs, having started and sold a number of businesses, since their teen years. They started by buying a struggling billiard hall, overhauling it’s business model and selling it later as a profitable business. Next was a printing company – same story – they build the business up and sell later. They are now in the publishing industry – another successful story. Read more