Interview with entrepreneur Jared Reitzin from mobileStorm, a Web-based marketing company

Jared is the CEO of mobileStorm Inc, an 8 year old digital marketing company located in Hollywood , CA. He got my attention with his blog that provides entrepreneurs with basic tools to find the right people, make and market a great product, budget finances, and successfully communicate with employees, clients and partners. The title is “Helping the resource(less) entrepreneur go from zero to ten million”. We exchanged some e-mails and I found out it would be a good choice for an interview:

Cristian: What does mobileStorm do?

Jared: We help business make more money by providing them with a easy-to-use Web-based marketing solution. Our platform Stun! allows businesses to build and grow a database of customers or potential customers and them market to them via email, wireless text messaging, voice and fax broadcast and even direct mail. Read more